Are you a CIO or CTO and feeling frustrated, isolated and stagnated?

Join the first in-person CIO/CTO only mastermind groups, and meet regularly to discuss real-world CIO and CTO issues with other similarly experienced CIOs and CTOs...

  • Groups consist of similarly sized companies and are capped at 12
  • Each mastermind group meets in-person for minimum of 3 hours (breakfast or lunch included)
  • Professionally facilitated to ensure efficient use of time
  • CEO/CIO alignment diagnostics administered twice per year ($10K value)
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    Two structured “bottleneck”  sessions per meeting (45 mins. each)
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    3 mini bottleneck sessions (10 mins. each) per meeting
  • Practice and leverage agile methodology - sprints, retros, scrums, etc.
  • Development of case studies and business use cases
  • Group review and feedback of case studies and business use cases
  • Completely technology/vendor agnostic and selling is strictly prohibited
  • Focused on, and success is measured by, financial results 

we’re raising the bar.

you're transforming your career.


The benefits of joining a mastermind group

  • Valuable Support Network
  • Invaluable Second Opinions
  • Get Challenged
  • Uncover Your Blind Spots
  • Clarify Problems
  • Discover New Solutions
  • Increased Productivity
  • Follow-through and Accountability

Do you qualify?

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Things we are looking for:

  • You are an IT exec that reports to a CEO or CFO and/or a board
  • You are a financially driven CIO/CTO or want to be
  • You are responsible for finding strategic tech initiatives and securing the resources
  • You could set aside 3.5 hours per month and commit to 10 months out of the year
  • You believe you could make a much bigger impact and want to be more effective
  • You are vendor and solution agnostic

Joe Woodruff  //  Facilitator

The person who will bring out your best...

Joe Woodruff is a leadership coach, speaker and writer. In his work with both non-profit organizations and start-up companies, he specializes in hiring assessments, strategic alignments and group process.

His background in both ministry and business brings a unique perspective to human motivation and organizational development. He is driven to see individuals define and maximize their identity and capacity. Joe brings out a person’s best so that they bring out the best in others.

Scott Smeester  //  Scrum Master

The person who will challenge you...

With 25+ years of web-based application development, a degree in civil engineering, and two decades of experience building companies, Scott Smeester has the creativity of a developer, an engineer’s love of infrastructure, and the pragmatic “stakeholder's focus” on strategy and R.O.I. His unique combination of experience and training makes him an ideal scrum master to advocate for the CEO/CFO and the board of directors, to find technology solutions to business problems, and to navigate the realms of digital transformation, with the end goal of greatly improving the bottom line of every member's company.

You  //  Valued Member

The person who will become a world-class CIO/CTO....

You - who cannot be held back, but refuses to go it alone. Who patiently works with others to help them see the future you know. Who craves a learning community with others of uncommon talent, but who knows at the end of the day you step into an opportunity you alone can craft and bring to completion. Who rises above those in your business, but who is committed to bringing them up and bringing them along. Who becomes world-class because you make world-class solutions and world-class peers.

Your Peers  //
 CIOs & CTOs

The people who will solve your biggest  problems....

CIO and CTO peers with different backgrounds, common opportunities and the shared window of transforming how people experience business and life. Architects of the future, you are present for each other. Peer community will offer mutual support with distinct perspectives, varied skill-sets but common language, unique experiences but celebrated outcomes of solutions and success.

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